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  • Blogs are up! Boo Yah!

    Published on Japan

    Guys want to know about different places. "What's it like playing in Argentina?" "Do they really eat dogs in China?"

    2146 views | 9 comments

  • Playing in Japan - the PROS

    Published on Japan

    Yo, This is my 2nd year in Japan. My 2nd year with Hitachi. There are many things that are so good about this league and team. 1) We are a really competitive team. Last year we finished 2nd in the league and went to the finals for the first time in team history. It stinks to play for a team that loses all the time. I've been on those teams. It builds character, but it just makes...

    383 views | 2 comments

  • Hitachi vs. Toshiba

    Published on Japan

    Somebody's TV is gonna get broken

    550 views | 3 comments

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